viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

For Billy and Cora

For Billy and Cora
The heart, the soul
The successes
The great-grandchildren

For Billy
The holidays on the beach
The walk by the hand
The ice-cream cones

For Cora
The smell of coffee
The spoons loaded with
Shepherd’s pie

For Billy and Cora
The weekends together
The birthday parties
Christmas by the balcony

For Billy
The football Matches
The Saturday films
The Sunday TV show

For Cora
The toast with butter and jam
The chocolate cake
The apple pie

For Billy and Cora
The taking care of
The protection
The providing

For Billy
The after work conversations
The sleep well before bed
The good morning chap

For Cora
The see me coming out of the window
The small change to go out
The smiles

For Billy and Cora
The generosity
The pampering
The support

For Billy
The hugs of love
The words of encouragement
The feeling of fatherness

For Cora
The kisses of love
The words of kindness
The feeling of motherness

For Billy and Cora

Copyright Guillermo Mathé Leguizamón 2012

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