lunes, 29 de octubre de 2012

First and Last 1

As there was a first meal
There will be a last one

That one tasted of colostrum
Sweet and sour as Chinese pork

How will the last one taste?

Copyright Guillermo Mathé Leguizamón 2012

The Japanese Doll

I met a girl once
She was Okinawan

We went to the park
Contemplated the cherry trees

In the evenings we walked
She, never talked

First time I kissed her
Her tongue felt funny

It shrank continuedly
Tasted like wood

Next time I beheld her
She was a Japanese doll

She was so little
I could hold her in one hand

I didn't know what to do
I wanted her back too

I took her to many places
They looked at her with weird faces

We went out
But it was not the same

There was a knock at the door once
A Japanese guy came in

He said he knew about the doll
He said how I should bring her back

He told me to kiss her
So I did

He told me that was not the way
I should try to break in with my tongue

I pushed with the tip of it
A small hole appeared

On the engraved face
Small sharpened teeth

Slowly but constantly
The little doll grew

In a couple of seconds
She became the girl I knew

But not quite
She ran away with that Japanese guy

Copyright Guillermo Mathé Leguizamón 2012

miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012

The Labyrinth

It could be said that every city is a labyrinth for a foreign visitor. But what is peculiar about Buenos Aires is that there is a Labyrinth within it: The neighbourhood of "Parque Chas".
Out of the humming bustle of its avenues and streets, there is a place in this city where not even the most daring taxi driver would care to enter. Not because it is dangerous, I can assure you it is not, but because once you enter you may not be able to exit again, at least for a while.
Like a protuberance out of some ill born animal, it grows out of a surrounding avenue. Like the remains of some forgotten river bank far far away, you are left there and oh no! “the horror, the horror” you are lost! But do not despair, if you are European, the familiarity of its street names will give you a breath of fresh air. The names fall one after the other: Cadiz, Marseille, London, Treveris are just but some of them. And among them all Gandara which flows like a river in between them or stands like a mountain blocking your way.
But beware avid consumers, because there are no fairs within, nor art galleries or posh designer shops. In fact there will be nothing you can buy with money except perhaps some refreshment and that if you are lucky enough to find an open Chinese supermarket of the three that there are there. On week days, jealous drivers would overflow the place with their cars, so close it lies to the last underground station. At the weekend, the smell of burning grills making the local favourite “asado” will fill your nostrils while you listen to the distant laughter and the clashing of happy glasses. 
And all the while you are walking the streets in endless circles; you find that the same street crosses another for the second time. Far ahead you notice a man, sitting on a bench in a square just next to a humble football club “el Trébol”, the shamrock, he smiles at you and says “are you lost my friend?” and you, astonished that this man speaks your language, nod shyly and sit next to him. He would ask you for a cigarette, which you won’t have because you are modern and do not smoke and he would say “Never, ever take the capital city streets. They would turn you round and round in circles. They will drive you mad!” And then a little girl in a bicycle would stop in front of you and would laugh to see a person sitting in a bench staring at nothing. However, you would put yourself together and start walking following the old man advice, avoiding the capital city streets. In some twenty minutes you are out, but this time on a different avenue. You stop a bystander and, drying the sweat from your forehead, ask: “Can you tell me the way to the underground station?” and the person will reply “yes, go back and cross Parque Chas until you reach Triunvirato Avenue” but that was exactly the path you have just ended, would you dare take it again???

Copyright Guillermo Mathé Leguizamón 2012
This story was shortlisted for the Sketches by Boz program but not selected. 

sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

De Arena y de piedra

De arena y de piedra
Y de agua salada
Al sur de mi tierra
Las playas soñadas

Mi infancia acuñó
Una y mil noches
Lejanos recuerdos
De piedra, de agua

Dejaron mis huellas
De pies tan pequeños
Pala y balde en mano
Sobre un dulce sueño

Mi tata, mi nona
Mi vieja, el recuerdo
El viento barrió
Y no cesó el tiempo

Y ahora te añoro
Mi infancia, que sueño!
Mas en mi corazón
Mi playa, te quiero.

Copyright Guillermo Mathé Leguizamón 2012

viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012

For Billy and Cora

For Billy and Cora
The heart, the soul
The successes
The great-grandchildren

For Billy
The holidays on the beach
The walk by the hand
The ice-cream cones

For Cora
The smell of coffee
The spoons loaded with
Shepherd’s pie

For Billy and Cora
The weekends together
The birthday parties
Christmas by the balcony

For Billy
The football Matches
The Saturday films
The Sunday TV show

For Cora
The toast with butter and jam
The chocolate cake
The apple pie

For Billy and Cora
The taking care of
The protection
The providing

For Billy
The after work conversations
The sleep well before bed
The good morning chap

For Cora
The see me coming out of the window
The small change to go out
The smiles

For Billy and Cora
The generosity
The pampering
The support

For Billy
The hugs of love
The words of encouragement
The feeling of fatherness

For Cora
The kisses of love
The words of kindness
The feeling of motherness

For Billy and Cora

Copyright Guillermo Mathé Leguizamón 2012

The Swimming Lesson

The Swimming Lesson

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
It always started at the same time
Ten o´clock in the morning
After breakfast

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
The previous night you would tell me
“tomorrow is your swimming lesson,
We start at ten o´clock as usual”

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
I would spend the night sweating
Having nightmares, visions of despair
Hour after hour without sleep

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
The following morning
Breakfast would choke in my throat
My legs would fail me

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
I would stare at the hands
Slowly going up with effort
Minute after minute
Do you think it was an easy lesson?
Five minutes to ten the unavoidable
Anguish would seize me
Cries for help wouldn’t reach my tongue

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
My Via Dolorosa to the pool
Before you called me
Fear of retaliation

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
My body shrunk in your presence
Trembled from top to bottom
A lamb to the slaughter

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
I would feel your oily hands seize me
Throw me into the filthy pool
Green everywhere

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
Slimy down my throat
The liquid of life
And death

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
Darkness and light
Darkness and light
Darkness and light

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
The touch of mosaic
Only a second of relief
Out of the pool

Do you think it was an easy lesson?
The Calvary again, again, again
You seemed to enjoy it
You surely did

Every day from those
I’m still struggling to float
Away from you
Do you think it was an easy lesson?

Copyright Guillermo Mathé Leguizamón 2012